Sarah Kalule is featured in the centre of this image. She poses as if in the middle of a dance, one hand points towards the sky while one hand points forwards. Her legs are spread apart and the scene is lit with purple lighting.


Sarah Kalule is a performer and artist based in Sydney. Trained in multiple creative disciplines, Sarah refined her skills at Steps on Broadway NYC (SSNYC), focusing on Theatre and Theatre Jazz studies. On stage, Sarah has received acclaim for her captivating movement presence.

Her portfolio includes notable productions, recently, DOUBLE ACT (Brand X, Create NSW, City of Sydney 2024), Encounter (Four Winds Festival 2019, Sydney Festival 2020, Sydney Opera House 2022, Bleach Festival 2023), Radical Transparency (WAH Company, Form Dance Projects, City of Sydney), and Home Bodies: “GOT YOUR BIKE?” (Dance Makers Collective 2021). Additionally, Sarah has been honoured with residencies, including March Dance Artist In Residence (March Dance & PYT Fairfield 2023) and The Flying Nun Residency 2024 (Brand X).

Currently, Sarah is exploring the intersection between experimental movement and theatrical jazz dance.  




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